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How Spirit™ Bathroom Tissue Is Made

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How Spirit™ is Made

Spirit™ bathroom tissue is proudly made by the men and women of MALCOLM EATON Enterprises, a not-for-profit agency which trains people with developmental disabilities.

Spirit starts as a 1-ton roll of bathroom tissue that we buy from a paper manufacturer. (Once called “toilet paper for the Jolly Green Giant®!” by a Boy Scout touring the facility.)

The 1-ton roll is loaded onto a conversion machine that was made in Italy. This 19,800-lb machine, run by a staff member, perforates and spins sheets of tissue around a core. It produces a 100-inch long roll of bathroom tissue.

The long roll (also called a “log”) drops into a cutting chamber and is sliced into the rolls we sell.

The conveyor belt moves the rolls into our wrapping machine, run by a staff member.

Our workers with developmental disabilities take it from there. Five to seven people handle all the sorting and packing duties. They fill every box that leaves our facility with Spirit – of both kinds!

Spirit Bathroom Tissue Specifications

Spirit Elite two-ply debuted in September 2006, joining our popular Spirit one-ply tissue. Spirit Elite is extra soft and thick and long-lasting. With one of the leading sheet counts of all two-ply bathroom tissues, it gives you comfort and value. New larger 16-roll bonus packs of both Spirit Elite and Spirit, which are available in limited distribution, represent our best buy. Look for them at your store. If you don't see it, ask your retailer to start carrying the larger pack.

    Spirit Elite two-ply specifications:

    • 4.4-inch by 4-inch sheets / 410 sheets per roll
    • One double roll = two regular rolls
    • White rolls sold in 12- and 16-packs or four packs
    • Contains no dyes or perfumes

    Spirit one-ply specifications:

    • 4.4-inch by 3.8-inch sheets / 1,100 sheets per rol
    • White rolls sold singly, in four-packs or new 16-roll bonus packs
    • Contains no dyes or perfumes
    • Safe for septic and RV systems

Fun Facts

  • We made 11,834,592 rolls of bathroom tissue in the first three years. That’s 4.44 billion feet of bathroom tissue – enough to circle the globe 34 1/3 times.
  • Those 11,834,592 rolls provided more than 53,000 hours of work for 143 people with developmental disabilities.
  • Profits from the sale of Spirit bathroom tissue are returned to the programs that benefit those we serve.

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