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The Spirit™ Story

Spirit™ bathroom tissue is proudly made by the men and women of MALCOLM EATON Enterprises, a not-for-profit agency which trains people with developmental disabilities. Based in Freeport, Illinois, near the Wisconsin border, we have provided our services for more than 40 years. We touch the lives of about 200 people with disabilities every day.

The Adventure Begins

You might wonder why a not-for-profit agency would decide to make and sell bathroom tissue. The answer is simple: Because of the opportunities. Spirit allows us to grow the spirit of our organization. It teaches important job skills and instills pride in these individuals.

We also needed another source of financial support that didn’t rely on government grants or funding. So, in 2002, we began producing bathroom tissue for state agencies. Soon, rest areas, parks, prisons, and office buildings throughout Illinois were using our product. Encouraged by the success of our commercial tissue, in 2006 we created a special line of bathroom tissue to sell through grocery, retail and convenience stores. Later that year, we expanded that successful offering. Although we don’t have the resources or advertising clout of big-name competitors, our Spirit is spreading.

More importantly, this business provides more than 18,000 hours of work each year for people with disabilities. Profits from Spirit sales go back into the programs that benefit the people we serve. What other brand can say that?

Catch the Spirit

If you haven’t guessed by now, Spirit is more than just a clever name. It honors the heart of each individual in our organization. It’s how we live our lives – with spirit!

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